• Tony Blair an Architect of Brexit?

    One of the issues that concerns me is the understandable preoccupation with the potential consequences of Brexit. Why? Because it seems to me that the current preoccupation with its consequences is at the expense of an analysis and an understanding of its causes. The debate about Brexit's consequences is divisive as well as speculative, along with the more obvious short-term consequences of uncertainty.

    Westminster politicians persist with the meaningless and disingenuous phrase "the people of Britain voted to leave the EU". An analysis of the voting patterns across the UK show that London, Northern Ireland and Scotland voted strongly to remain, Wales voted marginally to leave and non-metropolitan England voted very strongly to leave. So "the people of Britain" didn't vote leave but the people of non-metropolitan England, and to a lesser extent Wales, did.

    One ex-Westminster politician, Tony Blair, has persistently intervened in the debate on the side of remain and on the side of what has become known as the "People's Vote", which would effectively be a 2nd referendum on Brexit. The problem, as I see it, with the so-called "People's Vote" is that, whatever the result, it would be as divisive as the original referendum outcome. The most recent combined polling from the ESRC  here  shows 42% for Leave, 45% for Remain and, crucially, 13% undecided so not much has changed despite the incompetence of the UK Government's negotiating "strategy", the intransigence of the EC and dire warnings about the consequences (again) of Brexit.

    15th of August 2018
  • Posted Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 by Michael Patterson

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